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ANP Quarterly Vol 2 / No 9.5

ANP Quarterly Vol 2 / No 9.5

ANP Quarterly Vol 2 / No 9.5
ANP Quarterly Vol 2 / No 9.5

The ANPQuarterly Volume 2 Number 9.5 is a special edition issue entirely focused on Harmony Korine's new film, The Beach Bum. It features articles with Aaron Rose, Matthew McConaughey, Sam Hayes, Benoit Debie, Heidi Bivens, John Debney, Bertie Higgins, and more. This special issue is the first time that the ANPQuarterly has dedicated an entire publication to the work of one artist. We consider this issue a meeting of the minds, a wonderful collaboration between creative souls, all of us in search of what it means to be an artist in the 21st Century.

$20 from each sale of this edition of the ANPQuarterly will be donated to the Miami Rescue Mission, which serves the homeless and those in need.

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